We are currently trying trying to get a volunteer visa for Thailand. Our goal is to arrive in Thailand September 4th. After a quarantine in Bangkok we hope to travel to Chiang Mai, in order to do some special studies with some friends in that area. Right now we are waiting to see if we can get the visa. All of our paper work is at the Royal Thai Consulate in Chicago. We are trusting Father as we wait for this process and ask you to pray with us about this matter.

8/12/2021 We are hopeful to hear something next week.  There has been two public Thai holidays that put us back further.  But He is good and good to us.


Sunday 8/15 I logged into the Thai Visa portal today.  I was not expecting to see anything different from before.  But after I logged in i saw something exciting. A hope of good news.  Under our status it is not saying printing visa stickers.  That is looking so good for us to depart Sept 3rd.  We are so pleased and will keep you updated.


8/20 We received our passports back in the mail today and then started the COE (Certificate of Entry) We need to wait 3 days for a pre-approval. Once we get that we will need to upload our flight, medical and hotel info.  Once we get the approval we will be set to go.  Time is running out quickly and need this ASAP.  Please pray with us about this.


8/31 We are still waiting to hear back with the approval for the COE.  Hoping and praying that it will be today.


9/8  We got our Covid test results and everything was good.  Now we are at the airport waiting for our flight to Zurich then off to Bangkok.  Praise God for how good he is.  He helped us so much to get this far.


9/15. Not sure what happened.  I thought I updated our status sooner but must have forgotten to save the update.  We are in Thailand and in our quarantine hotel.  We are happy to be here however its not the most exciting time.  We can only stay in our room.  We are thankful to be able to get 3 meals a day.  The food is not great but its not terrible.  Father is good.

We are so thankful for a friend that lives in ChiangMai, that sent us a package of goodies.  We are blessing.  It was almost like Christmas.  Please see photo below.

We have 10 more days of quarantine and then we will be free. Thank you for your prayers.

Thank you Angie
Kids receiving gifts from friends